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Welcome to NOSI-BEAM

Beam IN, Solutions OUT.

Solar Panel Installations in all major areas


Dependable power that will cover all your needs, basic electronics to heavy current appliances. We also ensure to solar is compliment to architectural design.


In a Business electricity can be one of the leading expense, Let's help relieve and cut cost. This will also contribute to the green star rating of the property your business or company operates from.


Power drives an Industry. The Industrial sector is one of the significant users of electricity. Off-Grids, Mini-Grids essential for even the most demanding energy needs.

Special Projects

"Innovation is at our core, have a special project, Beam Us Up: Community Electrification, Customised Solar Request, and PV-Farms.”

IBR Roof Sheet Type
Corrugated Roof Sheet Type
Can’t mount on a roof, No worries we can ground mount Solar panels
Tiled Roof

Our Vision

Beam In, Solutions Out

Using Sunlight to power Solutions, this is our ethos at Nosi-Beam, we believe Solar Energy and Innovation will be one of the most enabling factors that will change the way we live our daily lives, whilst significantly benefiting the earth we are living on.

Our humble journey begins by providing a service to install Solar Panels for Commercial, Residential, and Industrial needs we also cater for specialised projects and energy needs.

Let us tell you more about Nosi-Beam, use the link to access our company profile.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on Earth. It can be captured and used in several ways, and as a renewable energy source, is an important part of our clean energy future.

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Telephone: 012-670-9097

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Address 25 Jose Street Vorna Valley

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